François Labonté, 

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Way of love,


                            Loving,First, François Labonté is God and life, surrounded by his angels, his women are pure expression of sexuality, on all continents, in all countries, states, provinces, cities. They are the sexiest of women, their tools of expression are voice, song, the look of their eyes, they wear fashion. The stars shine to light up his universe, his texts are love M. Psychology, philosophy have no secrets for him. François Dieu is I am in the present of all times, politics revolves around him to give back to the social his sharing, he affirms "I am master of the universe and of time to make room for love. Labonté is the most famous author of all time, the fruit of language and words, French carries his future and all the hopes of life. His company (company) Éditions FRANCsoieMUSIQUE Inc. is the largest company on earth , its acronyms are,,,,, it is expressed on




François Labonté Author, path of love

About the author François, for more information, see his
 in photo album, its   publications, among others his BIG TEXT LOVE M published in June 2019, a free writing of 1028 pages

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Translation Notice

No translation can be a faithful reflection of the French text of the author. The author considers the French language as a living language in itself and likes to change certain rules to make it evolve in new directions. This is how in his texts, he gives new meanings to his words by not respecting their spelling while having fun with the phonetics of the words he borrows fluently from the English language, he s '' also amuses to deconstruct his words by dividing them into simple vowels or syllables to once again bring out a particular meaning. But despite these new details which he inflicts on the French language, his texts retain a freshness which reveals the spirit of his thoughts which transcend the translation of these.